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• 3/6/2014

Post a GIF that best describes how you felt about our Visual Narratives: Screenwriting Dorkshop!

How did you feel about your experience at today's dorkshop?

Were you frustrated with your computer?

Or was everything working flawlessly?

Did you feel like you got a lot of work done?

Did you love the bagels this morning?
Think visually, and show us how you felt about today's Dorkshop! :)
- Sarah H.
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• 11/8/2013

Emailing and sharing audacity files

A few of you have had trouble emailing yourselves your audacity files.  When you try to open the .aup file on audacity, it doesn't work and the screen is blank.  The reason why this is happening is because you need to attach the entire project folder, not just the audio file.
See the audacity website for more info, and feel free to respond here or send over an email for more help!  My email is
Happy editing!
- Sarah H. Digital Program Intern
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• 10/22/2013

Great resources for Audio Dorkshop

Just added a ton of links, and still working!  Check them out under the links tab in "your resources."  Feel free to add any links you find helpful!
- Sarah H. GWN Digital Program Intern
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• 10/22/2013

Interesting ways to present your interviews!

Here are a few amazing links from Blank on Blank (PBS) that will give you three pretty incredible perspectives on how to present an interview and how to make the get the most out of an interview.

05:31 Kurt Cobain on Identity Blank on Blank PBS Digital Studios
Here is a very personal and informal interview with Kurt Cobain paired with a black and white animation.

07:02 Bill Draper on His $20 Bet with Fidel Castro
Here, the interviewer talks to Bill Draper in a comfortable environment, and uses a simple photograph to pull an incredible story on Draper's $20 bet with Fidel Castro.
Explore the Blank on Blank website to find even more amazing podcasts and videos that will surely inspire you.
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• 10/22/2013

How is everyone doing with Audacity?

If anyone has any Audacity questions, feel free to ask away!  I also have some links to a few tutorials on the Audacity page and two more on our tutorial page.
Good Luck! :)
- Sarah GWN Digital Program Intern
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• 10/22/2013

Girls College Bound Informational Seminar

Are you guys excited for the upcoming College Info Seminar?  You will have the opportunity to meet professional writers who will give you advice on how to perfect your college essays, learn about financial aid and other ways to pay for college, as well as college students who will give you the inside scoop about what college is really like!
The seminar is taking place on Saturday, November 19th from 11AM to 4PM at Macauly Honors College at CUNY (35 W 67th Street between Columbus and Central Park West.)  Don't forget to register!
This event is required for mentees who are Juniors and Seniors in high school!!
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• 10/22/2013

Post a GIF that best describes how you felt about our first Dorkshop!

Post a gif that best describes how you felt about our very first Dorkshop of the semester!
This is how I felt:
When I saw how many bagels intern Emily T. brought-

When I was troubleshooting audacity-

But then I realized Audacity was paused and all I had to do was press the stop button and my problems were all solved- 

Seeing so many creative and talented people in action-

Add your own!
- Sarah H. GWN Digital Program Intern
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• 10/15/2013

Introducing: Sarah the Digital Program Intern

Hey guys!  Just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Sarah H., the digital program intern here at Girls Write Now.  I graduated from NYU in 2012, and I live on the upper east side.  I love living near/ going to Central Park and The Met!  The best book I've read this year was Where'd You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple.  I love how intricate the story was, without comprimising the author's amazing sense of humor.  I was drawn to the book initially because in the author's bio, she said she was a former writer for Arrested Development.
Tell us about yourselves!
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