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Audacity is an open source sound editor where you can create podcasts and edit songs and voiceovers.


With Audacity, you can:

  • import .wav files of music and voiceovers
  • edit multiple tracks at once
  • utilize effects such as a background noise remover
  • remove vocals from any song
  • create your own podcasts
  • work in mono or stereo with your tracks

Troubleshooting and TutorialsEdit

Audacity issues and questions:

Audacity Hot KeysEdit

New project CTRL + N Open project 


Close Project CTRL + W Save Project


Preferences CTRL + P Play/Stop SPACE
Loop SHIFT + SPACE Pause


Record R Preview 1 sec 1
Selection Tool F1 Envelope Tool F2
Editing Tool F3 Zoom Tool F4
Timeshift Tool F5 Multi Tool F5
Cycle tool fwrd D Cycle tool bckwrd A
Zoom in CTRL + 1 Zoom reset CTRL + 2
Zoom out CTRL + 3 Fit in window CTRL + F
Fit Vertically CTRL + SHIFT + F Zoom to Selection CTRL + E
Import Audio CTRL + I Create Label CTRL + B
Repeat Last Effect CTRL + R Undo CTRL + Z
Redo (Windows) CTRL + Y Redo (Mac) CTRL + Shift + Z
Cut CTRL + X Copy CTRL + C
Delete CTRL + K or Delete Silence CTRL + L
Duplicate CTRL + D Select All CTRL +  A