An open source photoshop-esque picture editing website/software

Pixlr is an open source picture editing software.  You can use the website editor, or you can download a simpler mobile version .

Different Versions of PixlrEdit

There are three different versions of Pixlr

  1. Advanced - The most similar to Adobe Photoshop.  This is a good version to play around with if you are considering purchasing photoshop and want to get used to the basics.
  2. Express - Express is used for putting filters or borders on your pictures as well as creating collages.
  3. Pixlr-o-matic - Adds interesting film effects to still photos.

Pixlr Advanced Hot KeysEdit


toggle tool  ctrl

toggle tool

M marquee tool V move tool
L lasso tool C crop tool
W wand tool S

clone stamp tool

E eraser tool B brush tool
G paint bucket tool R blur tool
Y sharpen tool U smudge tool
P spongetool dodge tool
N burn tool A bloat tool
K pinch tool I color picker tool
T type tool H hand tool (pan)
Z zoom tool X switch color pad
D reset color pad CTRL + N new image
CTRL + O open image CTRL + S

save image

CTRL + W close image CTRL + Q


CTRL + Z undo CTRL + Y redo
CTRL + X cut CTRL + C copy
CTRL + V paste Delete clear
CTRL + A select all CTRL + D deselect all
CTRL + T free transform (rotate) CTRL + +

zoom in

CTRL + - zoom out CTRL + 0 actual size
' brush size smaller . brush size larger
Shift + , brush hardness softer Shift + .

brush hardness harder

space bar toggle pan tool

note:  If you are using Pixlr Advanced on a mac, make sure you are pressing "control" and not "command" when you utilize hot keys.